Top 3 Golf Training Books

Ready to play the best golf of your life?

There are some excellent golf training guides that can give you confidence to step up to the tee and help you skip years of trial and error. Of course, you’ll need to put what you learn into practice.

Here are some of the best golf training books that review some of the most important aspects of golf. Looking for more general sports fitness resources? I recommend Piranha Sports training guides.

The top 3 golf training books:

i. “Fit to a Tee”

These are the secrets of proper conditioning and how it carries over to your game, and advice on how to stay focused mentally and physically throughout the entire round.

ii. “Yoga for Golfers”

This book includes postures specifically selected for a golfer’s needs; good breathing techniques; mind relaxation techniques of the course.

iii. “Exercises for Elite Golf Performance”

You can grab this one on Amazon here. It helps one to train like the experts to improve their golf game.

Here is some of the great information you can gather from reading such a book:

Game Strategy

Many books and guides on the subject of golf will focus on the strategy of the game. There is, after all, more involved in golf than just swinging the ball far into the distance and then playing it where it falls.

Proper Mechanics

There is a handful of truly blessed individuals who are born with proper golfing mechanics and don’t have to learn this. Others will need to read up on mechanics and practice them to get them down right, and guides are a great source of information and tips on this.

Background Information

You can learn a lot about a topic, including golf, by researching its history. Many guides and books will feature some historical facts, small biographies on experts and stars over the years, and more, and you can apply a lot of what you learn to your own game.

If you are likely surprised to learn that so many different people do read a golf training guide or two from time to time, and if you aren’t reading these books, too, you are missing out. Many golfers will use them as a part of their overall training and may also be taking a golf training course and even using golf swing training aids, too. Spend some time looking into the options and get started improving your own game today!

It is true that there is a wide range of golf training guide and book options to choose from. These books may cover specific topics like putting or the stance, or they may cover more general topics that can also be a key factor in improving your game.

When you choose to learn more about the game from reading such books and guides, you will find that you can learn about almost any golf topic at a time and place that is most convenient for you. Take time to look into the book options available to you!

Top 5 Skills to Train a Great Golfer

Teaching how to perfect the game of golf, is simple with specific exercise routines, because it’s more than practicing the game. Precise exercise for strength and agility is also necessary, to help the athlete really get into the swing of things, or at least perfect their golf club swing.

Exercise is the most important skills that need to be taught to assist a golf athlete, and to help the athlete stay in shape. It is also important to focus on core muscles that affect the movements the athlete makes during the game.

Top 5 Skills for Training:

  1. Increase Overall Muscle Strength
  2. Balance and posture Improvement
  3. Eye-hand Coordination Improvement
  4. Increase the output of the swing
  5. Increase Cardio Endurance

Muscle Strengthening

Increasing overall muscle strength is helpful for the body’s energy and ability to handle a full game of golf. The rotational core muscles must also be carefully strengthened to prevent injury during a game. Careful attention to not overexert during weight lifting, or other toning exercise, is best. Building the body’s overall muscle mass helps to protect from injuries to joints and tendons.

Balance and Posture

Training to help the athlete to improve balance and posture can include daily stretching, and also balance training by simple balance beams, may assist with good posture and balance during a game. Abdominal strengthening exercises help to improve posture as well. When balance is improved, this helps to prevent injury.

Eye-hand Coordination for a Great Swing

Practicing eye-hand coordination is good during golf swing practice. This should be practiced often to see improvement. Practicing often is good for developing a powerful swing.

Warm-up and Cool-down

While practicing a golf swing definitely helps perfect the form of the swing, and the power needed, good training starts with specific exercise. Developing a good starting warm-up before training is best, and be sure to follow with a cool-down.

Training should start with stretches, then a simple 5 minute walk or brief jog can get the blood pumping and ready for a game or training exercise. A cool-down can be a few minutes walk and stretching to calm the nerves and muscles. This can help improve cardio endurance that is needed for an 18 hole game of golf.

Positive and focused training done often is best for a good outcome. This training skills help to make a well trained golf athlete.

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